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The Butterfly Project provides art therapy and arts engagement within the community using art making as a tool to improve health.

About Me

About us.

At the Butterfly Project, we believe that therapy takes place when a person feels seen, heard and understood without judgement.


To enable this to happen, we use artmaking and creative expression as a means of engagement to promote positive mental health and well-being.


We understand that art therapy enables a deeper understanding of ourselves

and our personal experience through the exploration of unconscious process.

Our trained art therapists support clients in using the process of artmaking to explore thoughts and feelings. Working towards increased self-awareness, acceptance and resolution.


One on one.

The Butterfly Project uses the analogy of the life cycle of the butterfly to reflect the therapeutic process. The chrysalis represents a psychological chasm and emergence; a personal endeavour realised.

 We offer therapeutic support for individual clients in a range of ways. These include art therapy, psychotherapy, counselling and therapeutic coaching.

These sessions support clients in working through dilemmas or conflicts they may have, restoring a sense of hope and developing new perspectives.


The butterfly must do the work individually: emerging independently from the chrysalis in order to survive. In this way, participants in group work are encouraged to focus on individual process and inner work.

Our workshops use art making, personal reflection and movement to explore narrative themes. 

Workshops are run as closed or open groups in partnership with charitable organisations or independently within the community.

Clients may choose to share these experiences through performance or exhibition.

One on one clients work towards:

  • changing lifelong patterns

  • recognising blocks

  • having greater self awareness

  • developing a greater sense of agency

  • being playful and spontaneous

Clients attending our workshops:

  • engage creatively

  • explore unconscious process

  • use art as a means to express thoughts and feelings

  • feel better


What we offer.



"Art just makes me feel better."

Former client

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