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Women's mental health services.

a safe space to build wholesome relationships whilst engaging in art therapy

The Butterfly Project works in partnership with charitable organisations providing mental health support for women. This includes trauma-informed therapeutic support for survivors of domestic abuse. We provide safe spaces to build wholesome relationships whilst engaging in art therapy. 

Our person-centred sessions are  focused on wellbeing, working towards recovery through engagement with art.

Our aim is to support women, affected by anxiety, depression, addiction or trauma, on a journey of healing and recovery. 

Group sessions are an opportunity to reconnect with self and begin to rediscover personal needs, wants and goals. Participants take part in regular peer support groups to promote positive experience, develop healthy relationships and reestablish trust.

One to one sessions are also available, working more deeply, exploring unconscious process.

If you or someone you love would benefit from taking part in the butterfly project, please get in touch:

"Before taking part in the project, I was shy, anxious and nervous. I would lock myself away. Now I feel more confident. I don't walk down the street with my head looking down anymore: I look up."
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